11 Health Tips in ’11

Here’s some great, practical tips to get you started off right in the new year.

  1. Don’t focus on your weight. That’s the most popular goal to focus on, I know, but instead, try picking a goal based on “doing” something rather than “being” something. Train for something likea seven minute mile, your first chin-up, or anything similar, eat well, and the changes in weight will come naturally.
  2. Workout 2-5 times a week. The duration isn’t critical, the consistency is
  3. Break a sweat every workout. This gets your heart pumping, your joints warm and mobile, and makes you feel good. What’s not to like?
  4. End your workouts feeling better than when you started. We don’t want to train to the point where we can’t get out of bed the next morning. If you always finish feeling better than you started, you’ll make consistent progress.
  5. Do things that train strength, coordination, flexibility, and cardio. Calisthenics, lifting, running, yoga – anything goes, as long as you work those for qualities. Try to do at least one thing specifically for each quality every week.
  6. Keep a log. Take five minutes after each workout to write down your sets, reps, distances, times, etc. This lets you make sure you’re making progress from week to week (or lets you know when to switch up your workouts if you’re not). Better yet, post your workouts to an online log and let your friends know about it so they can keep you accountable. Google’s Blogspot.com will host a simple one for you for free.
  7. Get a workout partner. The only thing better than having a friend read your log to keep you accountable is having that person right beside you, working along.
  8. Sleep. Sleep, yeah, remember that? It’s that thing people used to do at night back before Hulu and cell phones. Eight hours, every night, no exceptions.
  9. Drink water. The body might be made of lean tissue and fat tissue, but first and foremost, it’s 70% water. You need to stay hydrated.
  10. Foam roll. If you haven’t heard of this miracle, look it up and give it a shot. Trust me, you won’t be sorry.
  11. Don’t quit! Health’s not a thing we aim for year-to-year as our New Year’s resolutions dictate – it’s something we want to have always.


  1. Kush Patel

    Seriously good tips. Very practical. Keep it up boot campers!

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