Boot Camper of the Day Wins…Lasting Hydration!

Starting this week we will be choosing one camper from each session as the Boot Camper of the Day. This is the person that gives every ounce of energy they have to the class. This is a person whose upbeat energy has a positive impact on their fellow campers, encouraging them to also try their hardest.

We want to reward these individuals, so this week the prize will be a Contigo Auto-Seal water bottle.

These bottles are awesome. I’ve been using one myself for months and now I don’t know how I survived without it. We talk a lot about how important staying hydrated is in terms of health and performance and these bottles make it easy. Not only are they BPA free, but they automatically seal themselves.

Just pull the little auto-seal trigger with your index finger when you take a sip, and then let off when you’re done and the bottle is sealed again. No spills, no mess. They also have a handy carrying handle with a built-in clip. I find myself carrying them everywhere. This is a great bottle to use during boot camp class, and I know bikers enjoy them also.

So who has what it takes to be the Boot Camper of the Day? See you at class!

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