Home Free-Weight Workout

Difficulty: Moderate
Target Time: 45-55 Minutes
Kick it Up: Do 20 reps each for part 2 and 3

Part 1
Active Warm-up/stretch ~5 Minutes
Some ideas: grasshoppers, spidermans, t-stretch, jumping jacks, butt kicks, arm circles, leg swings, line hops, run in place, etc…

Part 2
15x Up & Downs (AKA Plank to Pushup)
15x Weighted Wall-Crawls (Same movement as normal with pushup, but you are holding a light weight in each hand throughout. Yes, throughout.)
15x Weighted Jump Squats (Like a normal jump squat but you’re holding a weight in each hand, and keeping hands down at your side throughout. Keep your knees over your heels when you jump and land – a mirror helps)

Part 3
15x Squat Thrust to Pushup (Like a full Burpee w/o the jump. Keep your weights in-hand on the floor – the hands don’t move from the floor in this exercise).
15x Mary-Catherines *Double Count (AKA Jump Lunges or Split Squats – performed with dumbbells at your side in each hand)
15x Wall-Sit Press (While doing a continuous wall sit, press the dumbbell overhead)

Part 4 – The Ab Blast
15x Sit-ups (Weights in hand, arms crossed)
15x Side Plank BOTH SIDES (While in side plank, upraised hand holds weight)
15x Russian Twists (Hold weight horizontally, going all the way down to ground on each side)

Part 5
Pick a spot that is flat and clear for about 50 feet.
Bear Crawl out, and then backwards bear crawl back
Crab Walk out, and then backwards crab walk back

There you have it! Now go get some protein and some fruit!

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