Recent GroupFit Boot Camp Testimonials

Rose Greer
“GroupFit Boot Camp Annapolis is the best fitness workout program in Annapolis. I can’t say enough great things about Jake Bedard, and his professionalism, knowledge, and the creativity he brings to each session. I look forward to each class with anticipation thinking it can’t get any better, but it always does.

I have personally seen incredible results in agility, strength and endurance. I’m so happy to say that I’ve also lost 12 pounds in two and a half months since joining and partnering with great nutrition. Jake’s benchmark exercises is the best way to measure your progress and weekly I am amazed at how much more I’m able to do.

Jake is extremely welcoming of all new campers, and he makes it a point to really know them, their needs, and their goals. This is the very feature that sold me. I will never again set foot in a cold, sterile, unfriendly environment of a gym where your only friend is the salesperson that signed you up.

Jake promotes teamwork in a setting that is both very hard work but a whole lot of fun too. Because of his great personality and knowledge of fitness and nutrition, he draws people that are committed and focused on their health improvement. This makes for a well-rounded group of people of both genders, all ages and all sizes that are continually provoking each other toward success.  Come take a class with us. You’ll never believe you could have so much fun!”

Rose Greer Loving GroupFit Boot Camp!


“Just wanted to let you know I am LOVING Boot Camp. Well, in a way, I hate it because it is hard and I sweat way more than I ever have in my life, but I actually look forward to coming to the class and cannot believe how time flies when we are there. I am excited to see my results at the end, and I think you are going to have a bunch of my friends signing up for future Boot Camps. They cannot believe I am ENJOYING exercising! (Really they cannot believe I am exercising in the first place.) You are a great leader for us, and I am glad I signed up!”

-Stacey S.


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Jabarri Lost Weight
I dropped 17 lbs in my first month at GroupFit Boot Camp. The workouts are fun, challenging, and allow me to leave my workday behind. -Jabarri F.
Kim Reached her Fitness Goals
I was skeptical in the beginning about GroupFit Boot Camp but Jake assured me that I’d reach my goal. I can’t believe that I did it so fast! Thank You! – Kim C.
Shari Achieved her Weight Loss Goal
GroupFit Boot Camp has literally changed my health and my life – I lost 39 lbs! Setting and achieving my goals never seemed easier with the help and guidance of such professionals. My whole family started seeing my weight loss results and started getting fit with me. -Shari M.
Alan is Living a Healthy Lifestyle
I’m living a consistent and healthy lifestyle and I am happier than I’ve ever been. The picture says it all! -Alan S.


“I am so happy with this boot camp. It is the best thing I could have done for my fitness (I have lost 8 lbs so far). I love that I just show up and have a great work out every time. It has never once been the exact same. I’m impressed! ”

-Jess B.


“I was offered my dream job earlier this year and I was thrilled. This particular job had fitness requirements that made my head spin… the last time I worked out (on purpose) was early high school!!

Anyway, I started looking at my options. After turning down several different programs (for being too expensive), one of my friends told me about GroupFit Boot Camp (which cost less than half compared with other programs I considered). The first day made me realize how badly I needed to get serious about this… as soon as I broke a sweat I also got nauseous (wow)! Since then, I went to every class. A nice bonus was that we would do different activities every class, and Jake always had a way of putting a fun twist to the workouts. My benchmarks increased steadily, my running improved, I feel better, I started eating better thanks to the nutrition program… the list goes on. The results were quicker and better than I expected! Thanks Jake!

-Magnus Nillson