You got a voucher for GroupFit Boot Camp? Lucky You! So what do you do now? Read on…

1. Register and reserve your spot by simply emailing your desired start date and class time along with your name to Remember, classes will fill up quick, especially in January and during the summer, so please make sure you reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Note: 2 day notice required, so please pick your day appropriately. IE: if today is Monday, the earliest you can start is Wednesday.

2. Download, print, and complete the questionnaire and release form found HERE. You will need to bring this to your first class.

3. Familiarize yourself with our policies about what to bring by READING OUR FAQ.

4. BRING YOUR PRINTED VOUCHER to your first class, together with the form mentioned above. Please show up at least 5 minutes early so we may collect these.

5. TAKE A LOOK at some of the nutrition options campers are taking advantage of to help fuel their boot camp results.

6. Read what some current campers are saying:


“Jake will literally work your butt off, plus it’s fun!” -Heather G.

“After turning down several different programs (for being too expensive), one of my friends told me about GroupFit Boot Camp (which costs less than half as much as other area boot camps).

The first day made me realize how badly I needed to get serious about this.It was tough, but also fun!Since then, I’ve been to every class. A nice bonus is that we do different kinds of activities every class, and Jake always has a way of putting a fun twist to the workouts.

My fitness benchmarks have increased steadily, my running has improved, I feel better, I started eating better (thanks to the included nutrition program)… the list goes on. The results were better and came quicker than I ever expected! Thanks Jake!” -Magnus N.

7. That’s it. Now drop and give us 20!

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